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Reliable Field Partner of China

Quality and relevant data is core to the success of market research. Mayland Research has been dedicated to offering accurate and reliable data collection which fulfill the needs of our clients in qualitative and quantitative fieldwork. Our services cover consumer and healthcare sectors in full methodologies among whole China.

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Online Survey

With the support of advanced technology and platform, Mayland established a renowned reputation in collecting large amount of online quantitative data to be analyzed statistically in the most time and cost-effective manner.

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Focus Group

Both online and traditional focus group are available for healthcare and consumer audience, whether it is about a product, concept, policy or service. Our specialists will also help design discussion guide and homework if needed.

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In-depth Interview

Various types of IDIs, whether it is in-home, on-site or CLT, online, in-person, or over the telephone are all available here. Our moderators are all highly skilled to observe and record respondent's reaction to prevent any data loss.

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